Quart Festival, Norway - Show Day

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Wow, a post actually on the same day as it happens...

Up early, bus call at 9:30am for the ride to the Quart Festival. Unfortunately it's only 10 minutes away. We're here this early why? Park the buses next to the trucks, next to the stage. Except it's not the stage, the stage is actually down the hill and on the water. So we must cross load our trucks into smaller trucks for the trek down the hill. Great!! Did I mention it is pouring rain...

Anyway, get on the stage and after telling the stage manager from the festival that he must move a bunch of stuff to accomodate us (we are the headliner), I set up my guitar world on stage right, change my strings, then go take a two hour nap on the bus. No lunch, as the local catering isn't up till 6pm. Boo. Up around 5pm and wander down to the stage to see what's up. The band Kaiser Chiefs is about to go on, their techs Dan and Andy are great guys I met earlier in the day. Stay to watch their set, and I'm glad I did. My new favorite band, these guys rule.

Finally it's 6pm and I head to the 'catering', which consists of Swedish meatballs, boiled potatoes and mushy peas. But, it's not bad, with carrot cake for dessert. What I can't figure out is the shaker of Tony Cachere's Creole Seasoning on every table. Norway, Creole? Who knew? It did make the meal more tolerable.

Off to production to check email and post this. We're on at 10pm, still light out. Doesn't get semi-dark till after 11pm. Great show, another great crowd. Starts raining just as we are finishing, should make for an interesting load-out.

Load-out is the same as load-in, load gear off the stage into a little truck, which takes it up the hill to our big trucks. As we're helping off load the little trucks, our very large monitor desk falls over and crushes a locals foot. He's OK and we sit him down and get him some ice.

After load-out we stay on the bus as we opted for no hotel tonight so we can catch the early ferry (8am) to Denmark and then an 11 hour drive to Rotterdam.

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