Gothenburg, Sweden - Show Day

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Wake up around noon, my eyes feel like they've been cemented shut. Go into catering to check email, etc. Today is our own show, and the last of our 5 in a row. Watch some of the Live 8 video available on the net. Can't get Pink Floyd's set to load, will try later. Set-up and soundcheck. The band has seen the Live 8 video of their performance and think that it went well, given the circumstances. After dinner, go an meet Bjorn 'The Mad Professor' of BJF electronics, he builds killer pedals and an amp that I've yet to try. Hang with him talking tech for over an hour, then make sure he and his family get into the show.

Back onstage for another sold out show, and another great set. After load out hang on the bus, then off to Norway for a much needed day off.

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