Live 8, Berlin and Roskilde, Denmark Shows

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After Werchter, Belgium show 25 or so of us (band and crew) head to the airport in vans for a charter flight to Berlin. This will begin our 3 shows in 3 countries in 24 hours. Usually we just pull on to the tarmac and board the plane, but here they make us check our gear/bags and go through regular airport security. This takes forever, as we have a lot of guitars to carry on. Ugh!

Finally get on the flight, strap my guitars in the seat next to me. Fall asleep for a few minutes as we take off. Wake up and I just missed the food and drinks. A couple of the guys share their plates of dessert with me. Yummy, just what you need at 2am, snacks loaded with sugar. Land in Berlin, it's raining, unload directly into vans on the tarmac and off to the hotel.

Arrive at the hotel around 3:30, quickly crash, as we have a 5:30 lobby call for the crew.

Wake up at 5:15am, slept through my first alarm. Quickly grab a shower and off to the first gig of the day, Live8. Gig is in Berlin at the Siegessäule (famous monument and roundabout). Load in, it's pretty small stage for such a big event. Quickly set up our gear and do a line check. Audioslave crew arrives, say hello to a few friends, and we stake out our claim on stage right. Around 9:30, head back to the hotel for a few more hours sleep.

Up at 12:30pm and over to Starbucks for a Chai tea (I seriously think of ordering a coffee, something I've been off of for over a year). Run into the band's road manager, who proceeds to buy a dozen coffees and all the sandwiches and bagels they have, and my chai tea. Brings the line to a screeching halt. Pretty funny.

Meet the band in the lobby and van it over to the gig. Now it's time to wait around until it's our turn...

Watch a few of the German bands on the bill, plus some of the video from the other Live 8 shows. Finally get to see Audioslave, they play four songs including one from Soundgarden and a Rage Against the Machine song. Wish I could see their full set.

We're on next and it's chaos at changeover. The audio crew for this show is terrible and we lose inputs for the acoustic guitar and keyboards. No time to sort everything out, as it's live TV and we must go on. We're introduced by Tim Robbins, who I didn't even see, too busy working. I try to get the acoustic sorted during the first two songs, but to no avail. I make do, by faking the acoustic sound through my electric amp. Seems to work OK. We do 4 songs and we're off.

Back in vans to the airport, we still have to fly to Denmark to play a full set at Roskilde Festival. Again, we get the full security treatment, and are slow to get to the plane. We arrive in Denmark, and it's a 40min drive to the festival. Once we arrive it's straight out of the van, on to the stage and set-up for the show. We have about an hour to get it all sorted before we go on. Two different people from our crew bring me food (thanks Tara and Sean) as all I've had so far is french fries. Quickly eat while I'm working. I'm bummed out that we just missed the Foo Fighter's set.

Show goes on time and we play another great set to 100,000+ people (Roskilde Festival hosts 350,000+ fans in three days). Load out and grab some more food outside the band's dressing room. Wander up to the stage to catch a few minutes of Duran Duran's set (killer), and then off to the bus for sleep.

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