Werchter, Belgium - Show Day

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Arrive at the Werchter Festival late (afternoon), as we had a long drive. Grab lunch, then load-in. Since we're late, most of the space is taken up by other bands. The band that is on after us (we are the headliner) has taken up all the room downstage. Thanks guys!! Jerks. Set-up my stuff and say hello to the Garbage crew. Run into some friends that are here with Velvet Revolver, and meet Slash's tech, who's a great guy. Also see a buddy who's here with Elvis Costello. Roadie reunion day...

Watch some of Garbage's set, then grab a great spot on stage right to watch Velvet Revolver. They play a killer set, their last one before Live 8, then they head home. Before our show, I see Elvis Costello backstage, always the gentleman.

We play a scorching 2 hour set and the crowd is ours.

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