Show Day - Honolulu

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Up early for coffee and another wander around Waikiki. Off to the gig around 11am. We beat the gear there, so we wait around for the truck to arrive then get to work after lunch.

This is a fly gig, which means we'll be renting the 'big stuff'(such as amps and drums) from a local company. Rental gear is often pretty dodgy, but we do OK, as most of the stuff is new and in good working order. I set up and restring my guitars using the provided 'crib sheet' from Skully. Band comes in to soundcheck, everything goes well, and I'm back to the hotel for a couple of hours before showtime.

Ii find Paige in the same chair by the beach, where she's been all day. She heads up to the room to shower and get ready, I call in a takeout order to Cha Cha Cha and go pickup another delicious Jerk Chicken Burrito for us to split.

Show starts on time, with Paige commenting that everytime she has seen this band it has rained. Sure enough, after a couple of songs it is raining... (I blame Paige). Band plays a great set. I should interject here and tell you that I've known this band since their club/frat party days, my band used to open for them and vice versa, before they got signed and sold 16 million records. So it is kinda surreal to be here with them 16 years later.

After the show it's back to the hotel for an afterparty, we duck out early so we can get up early and take the early flight to the Big Island tomorrow.

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