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Up at 4am again. Raining and foggy. Check email and read some more, snooze a little. Get invited to McDonald's (The American Embassy) for breakfast, but I pass. 9am lobby call for the gig. Get in vans for the 30min. drive to the gig (see a pattern here?). Gig is a baseball stadium, and HUGE. Production office, dressing rooms, are at one end (home plate side) and stage at the other (outfield), takes at least 5min. to walk from one to the other. Great. At least the catering is pretty good. Inquire with the hotel about my bag around 11am, still not there. Set-up gear and do my gig-thing. Band is supposed to come in at 3pm for soundcheck, doors are at 4:30pm, show at 6pm. Early shows are cool, but why am I so tired? Oh yeah, the 4am thing. Band ops to rehearse in the tuning room not the stage, much running back and forth.

Ask Yoko to check with United on my bag. She finds out it was supposed to be on a 6am flight, but it was cancelled due to fog over Sapporo. They will try to get it on a 7pm flight so it will make it to Sapporo by Sunday morning, just as we are leaving to fly to Osaka. She tells me they are sorry and want to show me "respect" by paying me $$.

Borrow a black shirt for the gig (Thanks Travis!) Gig goes smooth, at least from my end. Band plays 2hrs, since there is no opening act. We finish around 8:30pm. Load out and back to the hotel by 9:30pm. Feels like 2am though. Fall into bed and pray my bag arrives tomorrow.

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