Katowice, Poland Day Off

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Wake up early due to the total lack of paving on the Polish roadways. Eventually go back to sleep after watching the countryside for awhile. Arrive at the hotel around noon. Check in, no hi speed, also I can only plug my computer into the AC in the bathroom, as I lost my adapter already.

After a shower, go downstairs and run into a couple of the guys from the crew. Pat, our carpenter has already done a recon of the town and we head off for some lunch after bumping into the drummer in the lobby. Walk around the shopping area and find an outdoor cafe near the train station and stop and have lunch. Semi-english menu gets me a Pepsi and grilled chicken, not bad. After lunch more walking around, and it eventually starts raining so we hit another sidewalk cafe to escape the rain and do some people watching. Rain doesn't let up so we eventually find a pub and get a lite dinner then head back to the hotel.

I do some reading on Barcelona, as we have 5 days off there coming up. Then off to sleep...

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