Toronto - Day Off

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575 mile drive to Toronto. We leave Chicago about 3am, arrive at the Canadian border at 8:15am. Everyone off the buses and into a little room, where we wait for 2 hours to get cleared through immigration. It just keeps getting worse and worse at these borders. Come on people, it's the digital age, we should be able to zip in and zip out, but instead we are all treated like criminals, even though we are coming into their country to create revenue for them.

Arrive at the hotel around 3pm. Quick shower and off to see a movie, just miss "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" showing, closest movie to the time is "Dukes of Hazzard", so I go to see that. Not bad, it is what it is... Popcorn is good too.

Back to the room, read a little, grab Thai dinner, read some more and fall asleep.

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