Albany, NY to Holdel, NJ

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Finished my last show with the duo last nite. Said a pleasant 'see you later' to everyone. Off to bed.

Up at 6am for a 7am lobby call to go to the airport in Albany. I'm flying to Newark, then driving down to Holmdel, NJ to join my regular tour which is 'all ready in progress'. Breeze through the Albany airport, which is the size of RDU, but WAY LESS crowded. Fast flight. Get picked up by a runner at baggage claim to make the 30 min trip down to the gig. It's raining cats and dogs, and this is one of the worst load-in gigs.

Get to the gig around 11am, backline is already loaded in, as we have a 1pm band soundcheck. Say hello to all the old gang, and some of the new blood on the tour. Bobby, who has been subbing for me, was gracious enough to stay for an overlap day (makes things easier). We even do the ceremonial 'passing of the snake'... Thanks Bobby, you da man.

Band comes in for soundcheck, minus the singer. They do their thing, and get finished early, so Motley can take the stage. Meet Adam from Floyd Rose Guitars, he's brought us a couple of new ones to try. Spend the rest of the afternoon trying to get a laminate and misc stuff from production.

Watch some of Motley's show from backstage, they have more pyro than any band I've seen (including KISS). My wife will LOVE it!!

Show goes well, great to be back, comfortable here (like an old shoe). Load-out is the worst ever, takes twice as long... Out to the bus to say goodbye to Bobby, then off to bed.

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