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Sleep late again (6:30am). No McD's in sight so I drink green tea and surf the 'net till lobby call at 10am. Van to gig, 45min. Gear is already on stage when we arrive. Damn, the Japanese are good. Have my laundry sent out, hope it's not too expensive. Set up, and line check, done by 1pm. Do photo shoot with Japanese guitar magazine. They want to shoot all 20 of my guitars, takes no time, done by 2pm. Doors are at 3pm and show at 5pm. Wow. Show goes well, band throws a few nuggets in for good measure. Load out, back at hotel by 8:30pm. Seems later. Oh well, shower and take my bag down to the lobby to be sent ahead. Time to read. I just started on my last book, think I'll need to trade around with someone before the tour ends.

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