Osaka - Gig Day

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Awake at 5am. Toss and turn till 6. Wait till 8 to venture out to Lawson's (convenience store) for provisions. It's boiling hot already, stop annd get McDonald's hotcakes on the way back to the room. 10am lobby call for gig, get in van, ride 30min. to gig. It's another gigantic baseball dome. They've decided to not turn on the A/C till we get there, I feel like a turtle in a small terrarium, throw in some lettuce please. Set up gear, eat lunch in catering, surf internet, wait for band, etc. Band arrives, no soundcheck, cool. Head to catering for dinner, they are serving tiny little baked potatoes, about the size of a red potatoe. Each in their own aluminum foil. Delicious.

Show is at 6pm, gets off to a good start. During the last song before the encore, singer falls off stage (which has been raised to 7-8 feet). Security guy breaks his fall and he seems OK. Most of the band didn't even see it happen. Finish show, load out, return to hotel by 9:30pm. Shower and take my luggage downstairs (it goes by truck to the next hotel). In the lobby are numerous Japanese fans and they pounce on certain members of the crew looking for picks, etc. They don't bother me and I head back up to the room and stay up till 11pm.

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