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Sleep in till 6am. Must go to McDonald's at 8am, I think it's the law now. Walk the 3 blocks to the arcade and the closest McD's. Today I discover how to Supersize my Orange Juice, this is a major breakthrough. After breakfast, walk around the arcade, go in a few stores that are open (still early). Head back to the hotel to get some more yen.

Decide to go to the Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum (might as well get some culture). Arrive at the Peace Park a few blocks from the hotel. There is a building called the Atomic Dome, which partially survived the nuclear bomb of 1945. We enter the museum and start the tour. This is a somber place, and a sobering tribute to the atrocities of war. The nuclear bomb that ended WWII killed around 200,000 of Hiroshima's citizens. We now have bombs thousands of times as deadly as that one. Wow. Leave the museum a little sullen, but glad that I went.

Walk around some more and decide to shop for gifts and spend $100 easy. It sure goes fast around here. My legs are starting to hurt from all the walking, plus these bags are getting heavy. Quick stop at McD's for lunch, don't feel like trying to find anything else. Back to the room and oops another nap. Wake up around 7:30pm. Not too hungry, but walk out the side door of the hotel and see food signs. there seems to be 5 floors of restaurants right next to the hotel. Why did I not see this before. Scope them out, but most are closing. I do see that there is a McD's in the basement, right under the hotel. Doh!! Make note for tomorrow morning.

Oh well, back to the Lawson's for Cup O' Noodle. Take my bag down about 10pm and before I can even get out of the elevator the bellman is taking my bag from me. I ask him to put it with the other crew bags. I get a blank stare. I follow him and he finds another bellman, after many hand gestures, we seem to agree that my bag will go with the others. I pray it is at the hotel when I get there. I don't want to lose it again. Read till 1:30am.

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