Tokyo - Gig Day

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Wow, sleep till 7:30 this morning. Skip McD's as we're going to the gig at 10. Get to the gig, it's a huge indoor baseball stadium with an 'air roof'. This means the whole dome is pressurized and the roof is held up by the air pressure. This of course means we cannot hang our lights and sound off the roof. A series of towers are built to hold a grid of trusses that the lights, sound, and video wall are hung off of. Pretty impressive, and a little scary when your standing under it all day.

Band arrives in the afternoon, no soundcheck today. All of the bands families are here now, and I do mean all. the dressing room hall way is like a zoo and barely passable with all the kids and guests hanging out. I go to the bass player's dressing room to show him my Mosrite (he is a huge Venture's and Mosrite fan) and rub my purchase in a little. Hey, he can afford a REAL one. Mine's a fake, but it looks real and not too many people can tell the difference.

Have pasta with chicken and grilled tuna for dinner in catering. Good stuff. Show is at 7, and it flies by. Our monitor mix sounds great and the boss is happier than usual. Load out the gear and my regular truck driver isn't around. In fact, there's a completely different guy packing the truck. By the time he gets to the end I'm not sure it's all going to fit, but he makes it happen. Back to the room for a shower and some sleep.

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