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Wow, slept till my alarm went off at 7:15am. I'll beat this jetlag just in time to leave for the States. Up early to create this new blog, I like the layout better and it's easier to upload pictures. Hope you like it. Talk to my Mom on IM for awhile, their house seems to be coming along nicely. Att 11 we're of on the bullet train again, this time to Tokyo. We have 2 days off before the show, plan on doing some guitar shopping, and we're going to try and catch a baseball game if we can get tickets. I'm off to email this new blog address to everyone (even though I spelled my user name wrong, as guitaretch, is that a Freudian slip?).

Arrive in Tokyo, buses can't park at the station. We cross the street and wait in the hot sun for 10min. till the bus arrives. Bus takes us to the Tokyo Dome Hotel (right next to the gig), travel time 30min. Immediately head out to go guitar shopping in Ochanomizu. First stop at McD's, must have a quick bite. Short walk to the JR train station. we are only going one stop to Ochanomizu. One problem, the JR map is all in Japanese, usually it is in English too. Anyway, figure out our fare is 130yen and get a ticket from the machine. At least the platform signs are in English.

It's a short ride to our stop and we get off and it looks like 48th Street in NYC, nothing but music stores. I'm looking to score a deal on a Mosrite (Japanese) and I'm disappointed in the stock in most of the stores. We make some new friends at one store by handing out autographed picks. One salesman even has the Gretsch logo shaved in the side of his head. Cool. At the last shop I find a black Mosrite Ventures for a deal. Decide to wait till tomorrow to get it, as I might find something else in my travels. Besides, it's nearby. We walk back from Ochanomizu about 20min. but not bad. Head up to the room to write and check emails.

Out to a noodle shop for dinner. Have Ramen with bell peppers and chicken, also gyoza, and rice. All for under $7. Baseball game is letting out as we're walking back and we're swimming against the tide. Make it into the hotel and there is a queue for the elevators. Luckily the line moves fast. Back to the room for the night. Do some reading and crash.

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