Yokohama Day 2

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After staying up till 2am last night, I get up around 8:30 this morning. Not too bad. Skip McD's since I'm still full from Ramen last night. Around 10am I wander over to the attached department store. Then check out the basement of the hotel, which is a high end supermarket/deli kinda like Dean and Deluca. Will go back before we leave to get some stuff to take home.

Leave the hotel at 2pm to set-up for the gig at Yokohama International Stadium. Eat some Curry Chicken in catering for lunch, then go load in. This place is a huge outdoor soccer stadium. They played the World Cup here a few years ago. We're done by 5pm. Time to head back to the hotel and take a big group out to our favorite noodle shop.

Run into The Who crew in the lobby. Great guys, hope they'll get to join us for dinner. Gather almost the entire backline crew and a few others and head to the Noodle Shop, not too crowded, so no wait. Get two tables and order. A few more guys pass by the window, see us and come in to join us. Then the Who crew stops in, but have to wait for a table. A few others from our crew are waiting as well. Soon there won't be anyone in the place who's not a crew guy. Those who hadn't been before are raving about it. We finish eating, as we're all stuffed, decide to walk it off. Jerry and I end up walking around with with the lads from the Who crew. These guys have collectively been in this business for probably 50+ years, they've seen it all and have great stories to tell. I hip one of them to the Key Lime Kit-Kat's they have over here and he's on a mission to find some. We hit a few convenience stores, score the Kit-Kat's and head back to the hotel. Make plans with a few guys to head into Tokyo to the 'Motorcycle Street' again in the morning. That should kill a good part of our last day off in Japan. I end up falling asleep watching a DVD.

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