Mtv Awards Show, Sydney, Australia

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Up at 5am today. 11:30 lobby call, get to the venue where they are doing a timed run-through. Meet one of the guys from Simple Plan, we find out we have friends in common, small world. Watch some of the acts, the guy from Silverchair has another band, pretty killer. Buy why does everryone want to be Radiohead?

We are supposed to close the show, so by the time they are ready for us things are running 1.5 hrs behind. The band arrives and decides against playing for the run-through and they head back to the hotel (I don't blame them as they've been doing crazy press all day). We finally get the stage and do a roadie jam for camera blocking. We strike our gear and head back to the hotel for a few hours before the show.

Decide I'd better eat something and head out for dinner with one of the crew. We want Thai, but the only place close is very pricey. We wander around and find a little bar that serves food and order pizza to go. Back in the room, my Cajun Chicken pizza is amazing, cracker thin crust. Yum!! Decide to read and possibly catch a quick nap before showtime, since we will be flying at 6am tomorrow for Auckland.

Back at the gig, watch some of the show from backstage while readying my gear. Carmen Electra stands next to my rig while waiting to go on (in her Pussycat Dolls get-up). Every guy backstage can't look away ;) Exibit comes up for his set, I decide he should start a new show called "Pimp My Riser". Imagine a drum riser with 22's and spinners... Cool. After he comes offstage he's smiling ear to ear and really energized, gotta respect a guy who enjoys his work that much. Also, we see our guys win at least two VMAs from the monitor backstage...

Finally, we get to set-up for our set. We have 15min. Get everything plugged in and NOTHING!! Troubleshoot the problem down to the pedals in the rack. Stupid pedals. Do a quick line check and we're off. Just after I hand my guy his guitar, he turns around and says "I don't have any monitors, you may want to tell someone about that..." Funny.
The drum tech and I both run across the stage to tell the monitor guy of the problem. Band kicks in as we are running back on stage... Oops. Band plays great. I hear later that my guy never got his monitors working. He seemed to be OK, I'll ask him how it was when we get to Auckland.

Start our load-out, we have cases everywhere due to the small backstage. I walk outside and it is raining cats and dogs. Most of our cases are in tents outside, so they come in a little wet. Stops raining about the time we start loading the first truck. Hooray. Unfortunately it starts raining again as we load the second larger truck.

Back to the hotel about 1am. Lobby call is 5:30am for our flight to New Zealand. Great...

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