Rehearsal Day Mtv Awards, Sydney, Australia

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Well, I didn't think I had jet lag... Awoke at 4am. No going back to sleep. Bummer. Hang out on the internet(s) for a few hours and then off to the gig at 9:30 to setup for the Mtv Awards.

Arrive at the "venue" which is an amusement park (I kid you not!!) built in the 30's (Coney Island style). It stands right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Pretty cool looking actually. Gig is thankfully indoors...

Here's a picture of Luna Park.

Finally get to see my gear for the first time, what a mess. The guy before me obviously knew he was leaving and left me with a bunch of crap (sorry). Oh well, you play the hand you're dealt. I spend most of the day labeling stuff and trying to make it bulletproof for live tv.

Band comes in around 6. Everyone introduces themselves, nice guys. Rehearsal goes off pretty well, I learn my cues in one run through.

Back to hotel around 9. I'm exhausted. I do a few hours research on gear to get my rig straightened out. Fall asleep with the light on.

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