Raleigh to Sydney, Australia

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Leave 2pm from RDU, no line at the security check, amazing. I arrive at O'Hare at 3pm Chicago time. Get a Chai Tea, grab a Happy Meal and hang out for 3 hours near my gate. At around 6pm meet Ian, Big Kev, and Nathan at gate. I only know Ian from a previous tour, and everyone else seems cool. We board our flight for Sydney via San Francisco. Get stuck on runway for 1.5 hrs due to heavy rain at SFO. Arrive at SFO late, there are over 40 people connecting to the Sydney flight from Chicago, so they hold the plane to Sydney for us (Thank God). Leave late from SFO. Catch a few hours sleep on the plane, watch a movie, read some, etc.

Arrive in Sydney around 8am. It's sunny and 85 degrees (in yer face Flanders). My bags are the last off conveyor, but at least they made the trip. Everyone else has already gone through Customs, hope they remember to wait for the new guy. See Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne getting their bags. Breeze through Customs. Get lucky, guys are still waiting on our LA crew. Get introduced to Howard our Australian interpreter (actually production manager) LOL. The rest of our crew arrives, and we're off in buses to the Four Seasons, we arrive about 10:20 am. Up to the room to unpack and get into some shorts.

Go on walkabout around 11:30am. Beautiful day. Sydney is a metropolis like NYC, but cleaner, like Toronto or Vancouver. Take some pictures of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Scope out Thai restaurant, decide against it. Sit on a bench overlooking the water and write this.(12:20pm)

Have a production meeting with my new co-workers, everyone is very cool. I hope I'll like working here. The view out the production manager's suite is amazing (too bad he has to stay inside and work).

After the meeting I decide to go and check out a couple of Motorcycle shops that are on the same street nearby. I take the CityRail (double decker subway/train cars) down to Hyde Park and walk down Wentworth Street to the shops. Lots of helmets and accessories, prices are expensive, since the exchange rate has dropped yet again. See another Thai joint, looks promising for later in the week. Take the CityRail back and grab a Chai to take up to the room. Post some pics to my website and finish writing this.(6:30pm)

Go to dinner with 9 other members of the crew. Great seafood place overlooking Sydney Harbour. I have the grilled Snapper, delicious. One of the guys gets "Sushi Lobster" or something and the thing is still twitching while he's eating it. Now that's fresh.

Off to bed to read, gotta be ready for a 9:30 call tomorrow morning.

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