Yokohama Day 3

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Get up at 8am. Plan on meeting some guys in the lobby at 9:30 to head into Tokyo to the "Motorcycle Street". At 9:30 gather up the guys and head in, Rob comes along again, as well as his wife, who flew in last night. I am the tour guide, as I have the only map and seem to know the train system. We can take either the Bullet Train (15min.) or the regular JR Commuter line (90min), the Bullet being 3x as expensive at around $15. We opt for the Commuter, as we are in no hurry and we'll probably take the Bullet back from Tokyo. We have to make two connections, but I find an Express train that should save some time.

Train ride is not a problem, we hit Tokyo Station in about an hour. It is huge, about like Penn Station in NYC, with the Bullet, JR Commuter, and JR Subway all from the same station. We find our connection and make Ueno in about 15min. We stop at the Corin store first, this is the big one that was closed last Wednesday. It is 8 floors of helmets, jackets, and shoes. Wow. We hit a few of the same shops as well, since Gary and Jerry, who also came along, missed those on Wed. I take a few more pictures for the die hard biker boys at home (you know who you are). I even see a shop with three used Ducati's. Cool. Break down and buy some ELF riding boots and a cool commuter riding bag and a few gifts. Can't get this stuff at home, plus it was on sale. Gary gets his BUCO helmet visors he was looking for, and we head back to the train station bound for Akihabara or "Electric Town".

One stop away we arrive at Electric Town. This place is a crazy mix of electronic department stores (that put Best Buy and Circuit City to shame) and strange little flea market booths selling the widest assortment of electronic parts anywhere. I'm there for the flea market, as I've done the big stores in the past. It's lunch time so we hunt around for some food, the noodle shop in the train station looks good, except you have to order through a ticket machine, and there's no English in sight. Sigh. Oh well, looks like McDonald's. Rob and Ellen pass on McD's and head out on their own. I give them one of my train maps, they'll be fine.

After eating we hit the flea market booths, which is several hallways about 100ft long and maybe 4ft wide with booths on both sides. Cramped doesn't even begin to describe this place. There are all kinds of spy cameras, computer parts, tubes, capacitors, resistors, wires, and tools here. Not really looking for anything specific, it's just fun to check out. Gary has never been and his mind is blown. Look at a few other shops, then head for Tokyo Station and the Bullet Train to Yokohama.

Arrive at Tokyo Station, but none of us can figure out which Bullet train to get on for Yokohama. After 20min. of trying, we give up and head for the JR express we took this morning. Find the express and within an hour we are back in Yokohama. Up to the room to rest and get out of the heat.

At 7pm, meet others in lobby to hit our #1 favorite noodle shop for dinner (this will be dinner number four there). Soon they will be greeting us there like Norm in "Cheers". Eat more great noodles and gyoza and see a few crew members there. Head back to the hotel and visit the grocery store in the basement. Find the prices are more than the convenience store, so we head for the Lawson's for provisions. Back to the room for a DVD and much needed sleep.

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