Yokohama - Gig Day

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Sleep in to around 8, sure is hard when the sun hit's the windows at 5
am. I've now finished my last book, so not too much to do. Read emails,
drink green tea. By 10am I'm bored, decide to head to the gig at noon,
at least there's food and high speed internet. Arrive at the gig, our
crew room is packed, everybody's online. We call out a search for the
Godzilla scream, someone comes up with it and soon all you can hear is
the call of the mighty Godzilla. Funny. Go up to the stage, catch a
little of Michelle Branch while setting up my gear, it is 97� inside
our guitar world. Yikes. Hangout for a while then head inside for the
air conditioning. Have some lunch, curry again.

Go out around 4:30pm to get ready to see The Who at 5. Grab a set list
from my buddy Alan, wow nothing but hits. Gonna be hard to follow these
guys. By showtime, the wings are filled with all of our band members
and family. The Who are amazing, Zack Starkey (Ringo's kid) is on drums
and emulates Keith Moon to a T. I watch or listen to the entire
show,while setting up. The crowd loves them, hard to believe this is
their first show ever in Japan. It'll be cool to see it again tomorrow

Sun is setting as we go on around 7:30pm. Pete Townshend is off-stage
left as we wait for our guys, I grab a chance to have him autograph a
guitar magazine for me. He obliges, an English gentleman. Our show is
good, but it's hard to follow such a stellar set by rock legends.
Finish up and load out, back to the hotel by 10:15pm. Must have my bag
down by 11pm for the truck, since we are going directly to the gig
tomorrow at 7am. Ouch. Grab a shower, then off to bed.

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