Yokohama / Osaka Gig Day

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Wake up at 5am, stay in bed till 6. Check emails, drink tea, shower, then off to the train station at 7am. We take the Bullet Train to Osaka (about 2hrs). We're the lucky ones, some of the crew had to take a passenger bus last night to Osaka, time 10hrs. I feel for those guys. They really should invest in some tour buses over here, and not the crappy Euro ones, but a nice Custom Prevost. Ahhhhh.

Arrive at the gig around 10:30am. Doors are already open, load in and setup on side of the stage. Hang out more with the Who crew. Nice geezers. Watch the opening band Love Psychedelico (?), kinda the Japanese Sheryl Crow. At least its not as hot as Yokohama, as we are indoors. Still hot though. Have gyozas and rice in catering for lunch. More hanging around, since we don't go on till 7pm. Trade picks with Alan, Pete's tech. He has some good ones, as he also worked for Harrison and The Stones.

Finally it's time for The Who set. They have trouble with the drum monitors, and go on 30min late. Hey, it happens at festivals, when you get no soundcheck. We all watch their set again, stellar. Brad and I watch from behind Pete's amps, you can hear them great here. I can tell Brad is really getting charged up for our show. I go and stand by Alan, he shows me one of Pete's guitars that has blood all over the pickguard. Cool. Set ends. Amazing.

We go on late, due to The Who technical difficulties. Brad is in rare form tonight, he really got revved up watching Pete. The band calls all kind of audibles, and some golden oldies get played that weren't on the set list. All in all a pretty good show. Load out, tonight it takes twice as long to load the truck. What? Same guys that have packed it the entire time here, can't get it right tonight. The sound truck is almost done loading by the time our guys finally figure it out. Weird. Back to the hotel for a shower and some sleep. Will repack tomorrow for the flight home at 6pm.

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