Budapest, Hungary -Day Off

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Arrive in Budapest around noon. Check-in to the very nice Kempinski Hotel. Check email, etc. Go on walkabout for about 2.5 to 3 hours, trying to work out the kink in my back from sleeping wrong on the bus. Doesn't work. Back in room around 5ish. Fall asleep and wake up around 8:30pm. Doh!

Don't see anyone in the lobby, so I wander over to McDonald's for food, since I don't have the energy to find anything good. Walking back with my McD's, spot Micah and Kenny and they're on the way to dinner with various crew and maybe some of the band (those that didn't go see Duran Duran play tonight). Toss my McD's in the nearest trash container and head out with them.

We end up at a place near the hotel which serves various cuisines. I order the Black Pepper Crusted Grouper. It is excellent. A few get the Duck or Wild Boar. Looks good. We finish dinner around midnight, they'll let you sit as long as you want in Europe, even when they're closing... Go back to our hotel where the members of Duran Duran are just arriving to celebrate Nick Rhode's birthday with our band/crew in the bar. I pass and end up riding up in the lift with Nick on his way to dump presents in his room.

Off to bed for me after writing this.

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