Novarock Festival - Middle of Nowhere Austria

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At the Novarock Festival in Austria today after a 12hr bus ride from Italy. Festival is in the middle of a field somewhere in Austria near the Hungarian border. My friends Bob and Aron where here already this week, as this is the last day of a 4 day festival. We are the headliner tonight.

For being out in the middle of a field this festival isn't bad. WiFi and showers, as well as decent Euro catering. EDIT: Make that INDECENT Euro catering, as the serve the exact same thing for lunch and dinner. EXACT. Our wardrobe girl said she was here for 4 days once and they did it everyday. Geeez.

First band doesn't go on till 5pm, so not much to do today. I uploaded all my pics from Bologna, click on the Flickr link on the right to see them.

Aftershow tonight we have a 750 mile drive to London, that's a 15+ hour drive plus a ferry ride. Ouch!! Well, at least we have some time off in London, hopefully.

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