Long Island/NYC -Day Off #2

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Second day off here on LI. It was supposed to rain all day, but I get up to sunshine and mild temps. Spend the morning/afternoon in my room repacking, surfing the net, etc basically killing time. Why I don't know. Finally get motivated and head into the city around 2pm.

Decide to get some culture and head straight for the main branch of the New York Public Library. The inside of the library is amazing, all marble and ornate wood, with intricate ceiling murals, etc. Finally find the room I'm looking for, I've been researching modern furniture books from the early 50's, and they happen to have copies at this library. Can't just go to a shelf and grab a book, as they have too many books for the shelves, so I fill out a slip of paper and wait 40 minutes or so for my books to show up. The books don't disappoint, I'll be trying to find used copies on the internet very soon.

After the library, I head for the newish Apple Store on Madison Ave. This is the mecca for all Apple geeks like me. It's further uptown than I thought, almost to Central Park, so it's a long walk. The entrance is a glass cube above ground, and the entire store is below, underground. The store is packed,and I really don't need to buy anything, just wanted to see the place. Head back downtown and east, thinking about catching a movie later.

Walk by a Barnes and Noble, and grab a new paperback, as I just finished my last book. Head towards my favorite Thai place on 34th St., but decide to try a Vietnamese place about a block West of the Thai place. Have some Pho Bo soup, not bad, but not great. Make my way over to the Loews Kips Bay Theaters on 2nd Ave to see 'Hollywoodland', a movie about the suspicious death of 'Superman' actor George Reeves. Ben Affleck does a great job playing Reeves, and Diane Lane is also great.

Catch the train back to the hotel.

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