Long Island/NYC -Day Off #3

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Wow, another day off here in NY. Decide to head into the city early today. Run into Rob and Chuck (sound guy) at the train station. Once in NYC, I head straight for 30th Street Guitars to buy that pedal for the boss. My friend Ossie from Blockhead Amps is also meeting me here, he is hooking me up with some new tubes for the boss' touring amp. After trying and buying the pedal, Ossie and I head for Ultrasound Rehearsal Studios, across the street. The guy we need to get the tubes from won't be available till afternoon, so we take the subway down to the West Village.

Arrive in the West Village, on our way to Matt Umanov Guitars. But first, we stop at John's Pizzeria for the best pizza in NYC (in my opinion). We devour a cheese and garlic pie. Walk down the block to Umanov's, see actor Donal Logue at the counter buying a guitar, or stings, or something. I came down to try out a new electric guitar made by acoustic maker Collings. The guitar doesn't disappoint, it's a very hip take on a vintage instrument.

After Umanov's, we stop at one of the myriad of bakery's lining Bleeker Street. Ossie gets a Cupcake, me a Napoleon. Ossie tells me not to write about this on my blog. Too late!! We head back uptown to Ultrasound, grab the tubes I need, and Ossie heads back home before rush hour. I grab the subway back down to SOHO to do a little shopping.

Arrive in SOHO and grab a quick Chai at Starbuck's while resting my tired feet. Then hit all the usual stores (Bloomingdales, Yellow Rat Bastard, Rubber Sole, etc.). I don't buy a thing... Walk back towards St. Marks, and end up buying a cowboy shirt at a vintage clothing place I like. Since I'm on 3rd Ave, decide to walk up to Kips Bay and see what movie is playing when I get there. Decide to see 'Black Dahlia', even though all the review pan it. They were correct of course, not a terrible movie, but the meandering plot does it no justice. Acting is good, especially the actress playing Hillary Swank's mother (sort of a Nora Desmond character). I expect more from Brian De Palma.

Back on the subway, I have to go across town from Grand Central to Times Square, the Mets game must have just let out because everyone is in Mets gear and whooping up a storm. Seems the NY Mets just clinched the NL East. Go Mets!! I saw my first major league game at Shea Stadium many years ago. Now if my Red Sox could just do better... Arrive back at the hotel before 1am.

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