Gig Day Auckland, NZ

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Up early, walk to the nearest internet cafe, taking my laptop this time. Get online an update a few things on my powerbook.

11am lobby, off to the gig, which is a large gymnasium. Holds about 5000 kids for the show. Load in and start to rewire my rig, this takes most of the day. Lunch is good, thank God, catering can be kinda dodgy sometimes. Band comes in for soundcheck, talk with Jason (my guitar player) for a bit. Road manager prints out lyrics to the songs I need to learn the cues on, grab my ipod and Jason and I go over the cues. Spend some more time going over the songs and the cues before the show.

Show starts with out Pyro guy dressed in a Pink Bunny Suit stumbling around the stage and swilling a beer. Kids go nuts... Band hits the stage to the 2001 theme. Man, I'm not used to these punk rock bands, songs go quick and the energy is insane. Get most of my cues right, with no major disasters. Middle of the set, the guys pull three kids form the audience to play a song (guitarist, bassist, drummer). The kid they pull to play guitar, pulls his shirt off, then his pants and stands there in his boxers ;) Our singer gives him a big kiss then pants him!! Too funny. They give the kid the guitar after they finish the song. How cool.

Load out goes smoothly. There's a BBQ for band and crew near the dressing rooms and everyone is hanging out. I grab some grilled fish, very tasty. Hang out for a few minutes, but I'm beat and I jump on the first van back to the hotel. Off to bed.

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