Milton Keynes National Bowl, UK Show Days 1 & 2

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Day 1
I've had writer's block this week, or rather I've been working alot (6 days) to do two shows. As expected 65,000 kids show up to see the band on Saturday, and this is with U2 playing across town. During the day we set up a Tiki Bar in the stage right guitar world. Everyone seems more interested in the bar than the massive show production around us. It gets much use by the band guests who are on a platform above us.

Jason W. gives me a beautiful Merc suit (the kind the Beatles wore), it's black with white pinstripes. I love it!! It's exactly like the rest of the band wears, I just don't have a shirt or tie to wear it with out here, will have to wait till the next leg. Thanks Jason, you're the best.

Shows go great with 10x the pyro, lights, and sound. Also 4 added giant video screens and a film crew. This is the biggest show GD has played ever. Kids are nuts for it.

Day 2
More of the same today, although they may have squeezed in more than 65,000. Again, the show goes great, we play a variation of the regular set, I like doing 'Homecoming' alot. Load out takes forever, there's just too much stuff. Also, we have to send off another truck of stuff to do Live8 in Berlin in a week. After loadout, collapse in my bunk around 1am. We don't finish loading out the show till 4am. We roll to the Heathrow hotel, arriving at 5:30am with a 7:30am lobby call to fly to Barcelona. Basically I check-in, drink coffee and shower, then off to the airport...

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