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Long Drive day today on the bus. We set off at 1am and finally arrive at 9:45pm. Wow, almost 21 hours!! Spent most of the time reading, a little on the computer, and some sleeping. I find out the reason it took so long is the German Immigration searched all the bags in the bay and on the bus, well at least they didn't wake us up. We take the Chunnel (Eurostar Train) and arrive in the UK in 30mins or so from France. Beats the ferry as we're already 20 miles inland when we disembark.

After checking in, up to the room, quick shower and off for a Curry with our English merch guy Joff, also Hans and Brenda. Luckily it's directly across the street. I get the Chicken Tikka Masala, which is now the offical National Dish of England. Who knew? It is delicious and expensive. Now that we're in the UK the dollar sucks really bad, pretty much $2 to a Pound. Prices in pounds are about what we pay in the States, but double in dollars because of the exchange. Gotta watch my money.

Off to the pub after dinner, as no one is tired from sleeping all day. Finally pack it in around 1am, after switching to the hotel bar, as pubs in the UK close at 11pm. Find some motorcycle racing on the tele, Speedway Grand Prix, watch that till I fall asleep.

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