Travel Day, London to Barcelona

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Arrive at Heathrow Airport at 8am using the cramped and hot airport shuttle bus. Heathrow is loathed by many, including me. We're flying British Airways, so we get in line and wait 30min to be told to get in another line at group check-in. At least they are fast her and I get through in under 5min. Go through security and they want to look through my laptop bag, which is OK, but the guy in front of me looks like he's sumuggling out a giant bag of camera gear, so it takes FOREVER for them to deal with him. Finally, it's my turn and it only takes them a few minutes with my bag.

Off through the Duty-Free shops towards the gates. They don't tell you which gate till 5min to boarding. Guess it gives you more time to shop, I think Heathrow invented the 'Airport as a Mall' concept. Board the flight around 9:30, our poor venue security guy is in a middle seat in my row and I'm on the aisle. He's a big guy, no way he should be in a center seat. Luckily the plane is not full, and one of the caterer's gives up the window so he can move over. Nice.

Arrive Barcelona around 12:30pm. We taxi for what seems like and hour then arrive at the gate. Our luggage is at baggage claim B, which happens to be on the other side of the airport, so we walk, and walk, and walk. Claim our bags, then look for the bus which is waiting outside baggage claim A, so we walk, and walk, and walk...

We will have 5 days off here in beautiful Barcelona, so don't think that I'm complaining, it's cheaper than the UK...

We get to the hotel around 2pm, it's the one I stayed at 6 years ago (last time I was here). At least I know the neighborhood. Go for lunch with Pyro Kevin and Brenda to a little place called Basillico. Nice place, good food. Back at the hotel, have a nap since there wasn't much sleeping the night before.

Up around 8pm, go out for a walk, still light outside. Back in the room I watch a DVD of 'Long Way Round', about Ewan McGregor taking a 3.5 month motorcycle trip, to get psyched for tomorrow...

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