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Leave for Lisbon today (Halloween). Before I left we dressed up Sophie and Cleo in their Halloween costumes and took pictures (see sidebar at right). paige took me to the airport around 3pm for a 5pm flight, no line (GASP) at the Continental counter and I breeze right through security too, weird. Get on my flight from RDU to Newark, we arrive in Newark ahead of schedule and have to taxi for 30min because our gate is occupied. Finally disembark, I have at least an hour before my flight to Lisbon leaves, but I have to walk two terminals over to the gate. See our production manager Greg Dean in the food court and I join him with bad chinese food. Not a good idea...

Just as we are about to board the plane, the others from LA and SF arrive. We are only missing Big Kevin, our FOH engineer. He is stuck elsewhere and misses the flight. We find out later that he got to the gate just as we were pulling away. Bummer. He doesn't end up in Lisbon till just before the first rehearsal for Mtv. Flight to Lisbon is only 6 hours, I think it's 8 going back from here. I don't sleep much on the flight, watch 'Monster In Law', pretty good and read my book.

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