San Francisco to Nashville -Travel Day

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Down to the lobby by 7:30am, I think I got 3 hours sleep. Off to the Oakland Airport, check in at a kiosk since I have no bags to check (left them on the bus). Then stand in the HUGE line at security, and of the 4 lines I pick the slowest one, of course. Finally get through after 30 minutes and go to the gate.

We're flying SouthWorst, so that means open seating and I'm in the last group. Hooray! Board the plane and get my middle seat (only thing left). Commence to sleeping even before takeoff, wake up and hour later. The woman seated behind me talks non-stop for over half the trip. Good thing I brought my iPod, so I didn't have to listen to her gibberish. Read two magazine in between dozing in and out of consciousness. Land in Nashville around 4:30pm. Turn on my phone, I have 3 voice messages, but my phone won't dial out, even when showing full signal. Welcome to Nashville.

Charter bus to the hotel, we're staying in Franklin, TN near the Cool Springs Mall. I have a massive migraine from the flight, go to the mall soon after arriving and get something to eat, don't feel like shopping so I go back to the room to read and fall asleep before 10pm. Of course I wake up around midnight, finally get back to sleep, but toss and turn until I get up at 3:30 and read till 6am before dozing off again.

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