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Arrive in Lisbon at 8:15am, grab my luggage (yeah) and breeze through customs. Get to the hotel (Ritz-Four Seasons) by 9am (4am EST). Have a massive headache, decide to sleep for a couple of hours. Wake up around 1:30pm, watch a little Mtv and decide to walk around.

It's some kind of holiday, so not much is open. Luckily I find a cafe and get a water. I walk past a convienence store, make a note to stop and stock up on the way back. Sit in a park for a while, it's cloudy, but in the 60's, so not too bad. There's a crazy Asian guy yelling at noone outside the park gates and a few people walking their dogs. I should have brought my camera, but wasn't sure what kind of neighborhood we were in... Walk back to the hotel, stopping to get snacks and water at the convenience store and take a nap. Wake up and watch TV then read before falling asleep.

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