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According to my day sheet, all crew lobby call is at 9:30am. What? I don't need to be there till at least 2pm, but I don't make the rules. A few people are missing from lobby call, is there a boycott I'm not aware of? Get to the gig, everyone keeps asking me and Hans why we are there. Finally the production manager comes by and apologizes, since he changed the time to noon and neglected to inform us. GREAT. Well, at least the internet is free here.

Finally do some work after lunch (which I don't eat as it looks horrible). More reading and hanging around till show time. Band plays a stellar set, the last of the tour. It is bittersweet, as everyone is tired from 15 months of touring, but no one wants it to end. Load-out and pack up my stuff to be sent home, since I have another gig to go to in January. After load-out, hang with the band some and eventually end up at a restaurant the promoter/management has arranged for an afterparty. Everyone is seating and eating/drinking, when we are surprised by a performance from one of the creators of the 'Puppetry of the Penis'. The guy is hilarious, I'd seen him before on an HBO special in the States. After the show, everyone ends up in the bar and I eventually leave with the last of the band members at 4:30am, some people stayed later... Oh well, looks like I'll get about 3 hours sleep, which is fine, as I want to sleep most of the 14 hour flight to LAX.

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