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Downstairs at 9 for our lobby call. Seems there is confusion on the call time as some of the crew don't show up till 9:30. Not their fault, we were given conflicting info yesterday. Van down to the gig, which is across the street from Madison Square Garden. This is the smallest of the TV shows we've done, at least as the audience is concerned, just no room for anyone in front of the stage.

Today's show is 10 or so songs, so out come all the guitars, as there may be some songs played that aren't on the setlist.

Set-up and linecheck. Then walk next door and get some great Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo. Band comes in for a quick soundcheck and then they walk the audience in and it's time to go. Band veers off the setlist only once. It's a small but loud crowd and everyone has a good time.

Loadout takes a while as they hold the crowd to film 'bumpers' (intros/outros) for the show. Finally we're done and I break away from the group to go to Macy's.

Quick look around Macy's, but I guess I'm really not in the shopping mood. Head across 34th Street to hit the Lemongrass Grill, my favorite Thai restaurant in the city. Well, it USED to be my favorite. The soup is terrible and the rice inedible. The Basil Chicken isn't even remotely spicy and full of onions (which I asked NOT be put in the dish). Oh well, I'll find another place next time.

Decide to try and salvage my evening by walking over to 2nd Ave and catching a movie at Kip's Bay. Unfortunately by the time I get there all the 9pm movies are sold out. Guess I'll try my luck in Times Square. Walk back to Park Ave an 33rd and take the 6 train to Grand Central then the 7 train to Times Square. Get off at Times Square/Port Authority, let me tell you if you want to see freaks in NYC go to the Port Authority (Bus Terminal) there are some strange people hanging out there...

Try both of the big theaters on 42nd St between 7th and 8th Ave. Everything I want to see is sold out. Decide to cut my losses and walk back to the hotel. Walk up Broadway and the there are just too many tourists, cut over to 8th and walk the slightly less crowded sidewalk up to 49th and my hotel. Off to bed, as I have a 6:15 lobby call for Newark to fly home.

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