Mannheim, Germany Rehearsal Day

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I end up in a van with a few of the band guys and we get on the autobahn. We are really flying at 170km/hr or about 105mph in the rain. We all buckle up and hope we make it to the hotel alive.

It's 7:30 by the time we get checked in, I decide to grab the free Euro breakfast with Reid, one of the pyro guys. By the time we finish eating and talking it's past 9am and we have a 10:30 lobby call. Oh well, I'll have to go on the two and a half hours sleep I got on the plane. Joy!

Get to the gig, it's a giant TV studio (warehouse) with 3 stages set-up and lots of room to work. Yay!! It's a 'B' rig day, but we're only doing one song so it should be fine. The show we are doing is called "Wetten, dass?" and is the biggest TV show in Germany. I'm told it's only done 6 times a year, it involves celebrities and musical guests as well as betting on various stunts. Weird, huh?

Set-up by 11:30, we don't actually get the stage till after 3pm. Great. Hang out in our crew/production room, but don't get a nap in. Do our run-through at 4 then have to wait around till 8 to do another runthrough. Will this day never end. Finally get done and back to the hotel by 9:30. Fall asleep reading at 10:30pm.

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