Lisbon Mtv Europe Awards -Rehearsal Day

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10:00 lobby call. Our monitor engineer (Beau) is missing, so he gets left or 'oil spotted' at the hotel. We take the van to the gig, our driver doesn't know how to get to where we need to go to get in the gig. We arrive and Beau has beat us there in a taxi.

Go in and setup, do a few runthroughs for the cameras and we're off back to the hotel around 3pm. Driver taking us back goes a completely different way (this will soon become the norm here). Get back to the room and take a 2 hour nap, then watch a movie on TV (there are at least two english movie channels here).

Get a call around 8pm to go have dinner with a few of the crew guys. We meet in the lobby, two of the guys went to a great italian pizzeria last night and we want to go there. Unfortunately the van driver who took them there was actually supposed to take them somewhere else according to the concierge. So, now we don't know the name of where we want to go, so they are having trouble directing us. One of the guys mentions it is next to a place called 'Crazy Nuts'. I passed this place on my walk yesterday and it is only a block away (why did they take a van there?). We find out the place is called 'La Campania'. So off we go on foot to the restaurant. Sure enough, it is where I said it was.

Most places here have just opened for dinner, and we are the first seated in the place. We order pasta, the service is excellent, far exceeding American standards. Micah and Kenny join us just as we order dessert. We all hang around talking as they eat their meals and we collectively walk back, all full of pasta and tiramisu.

Back in the room around 10pm, 'West Side Story' is just coming on the movie channel, I decide to watch it, as I've never seen the whole thing. The pasta hits me about half way through and I fall asleep, waking up about 15 minutes from the end. Oh well, I saw most of it.

Now I'm awake and don't end up going back to sleep till 6am. It has been raining since midnight and will continue into tomorrow.

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