London -DVD Premiere

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Arrive at the VUE theater for the band's DVD screening. Our security guy Arturo escorts us past the punters and into the Champagne Reception room.

Order a Coke and hang with assorted crew and eat some fabulous finger food. Get introduced by our production manager to a familiar looking chap, turns out to be Robert Fripp of the band King Crimson. WOW!! If you don't know, this man is a legendary guitar player and the inventor of his own style Frippertronics. I spend a good amount of time chatting with him and when we're called for the movie he's says he'll follow me in.

We have two rows reserved in the back for band and crew. Mr. Fripp and I sit on the end and he buys me an ice cream from the nice ladies roaming the theater. The band enters just after everyone sits down. They say a few words. Our singer thanks all of us on the crew for our hard work, always nice to be recognized.

Film begins, it was filmed from our two Milton Keynes, UK shows in June. The songs are bumpered by band interviews and backstage footage. The show looks amazing and sounds great. Mr. Fripp cheers the loudest of anyone during the film.

After the premiere we head back to the hotel, deciding to grab some food at a nearby Italian restaurant. Properly nourished we meet up with the band and others in the hotel bar and eventually end up in various rooms, I call it a night around 4:30am.

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