London, Top of the Pops -Show Day

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Lobby call at 10am. It's pouring rain outside. Welcome to England. Head down to the BBC Studio lot, where we're playing outside (?) What? Who's idea was it to play outside in November in the UK? Duh? To make it worse the stage is too small by 4 to 8 feet. We cut the gear down drastically to make it work. It's freezing outside too. Oh well, we go live at 8pm again.

Band comes down for camera blocking and rehearsal. It's still pouring, but nary a complaint from the guys. These guys are pros. Grab a quick gyro dinner on stage, and it's time for the show. Luckily it stops raining just before we go on, the band plays one song for live TV, then we record two additional songs and also end up playing another 6 or so for the crowd. Load out and back to the hotel around 10pm.

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