Mannheim, Germany -Show Day

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Up around 8:30am, go down to breakfast, no one else from our group is in attendance. Eat breakfast and am back in the room by 9:30. Fall back to sleep till 2pm. Get up and walk around shooting a few photos here and there. Alot of shops are closed on Saturday, so I don't do more than window shop.

Back down to the gig at 5:30. Show goes live at 8:15pm. Madonna, Santana, and Shakira are also on the bill, but we are first. Pass Madonna twice in the hallway, notice she was talking with her 'English' accent. Isn't she from Detroit?

We go live right on time and we follow a stunt involving 6 or so guys putting a bunch (8 or so) drum kits in a van in under 4 minutes. They make it with 10 seconds to spare. We rock our song and it looks and sounds great, with a giant picture frame set and full pyro. We load out right after playing and then it's off to the airport and our charter to London.

It takes about an hour to get to the Frankfurt airport, we board the same plane we came in. Our drummer has bought an accordion and serenades everyone on the plane with a fake French mustache drawn on (don't ask). Fall asleep on the plane as normal and wake up as we are descending. We land in Luton, UK we're met by my buddy Sean and his crew of drivers for another hour ride to the hotel in London. It's Saturday night after midnight and there's traffic. Only in London and LA is there always traffic. get to the hotel around 1:30am. Amazing hotel and I eventually get to sleep after 3:30am. Tired...

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