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We were supposed to play in San Jose today, but the show was postponed. Jerry and I try to eat at a killer Vietnamese place recommended by a friend, but it's too crowded so we end up at King of Thai Noodle House again, I get a bowl of noodles to approximate the Pho I could have had. Good stuff.

I'll try and skip the social commentary here, but I must say San Fran is an odd place. Around our hotel there are a lot of homeless people, as well as drug users and drug deals going on in broad daylight. I'm not so naive that I don't know that this happens in most cities, it's just very 'in your face' here.

Call up Micah and Kenny, a couple of roadie friends from my previous tour, who live in the East Bay and take the BART (train) out to meet them. They are working on the bands new studio, today is the last of the painting. Hang out there for a few hours, very cool place, see more friends as they come and go. Eventually take the BART back into the city.

My friend Roger comes by the hotel and picks me and Jerry up for dinner. Drives us to a sushi joint in his neighborhood. Has to be the oddest sushi place ever, it's a classic 'old man bar', looks straight out of 'Archie Bunker's Place'. There is a long (30 feet) wooden bar, tables, with pool tables in the back and a jukebox. Bobzilla (King of the Old Man Bars) would love this place. The sushi is great and we sit and talk until they crank up the karaoke and eventually drown us out.

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