Show Day, Brisbane, AU

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Get up early and go walking around the area around the hotel, which is right next to a big river. Lots of boats, and a cool water taxi. Back to hotel for an noon call.

Get in bus for ride to venue, takes 45min. Can't they put these gigs closer to the people and not the cows? Lunch catering is lacking, so I eat a muffin and move on. Set-up for the show, huge guitar world today, must be 20' x 20'. Redo my rack once again, string some guitars, and help the tour manager get online (damn Windows). Band comes in for soundcheck. Uneventful. Dinner catering is better, I have fish (Barramundi) in garlic and tomato sauce. Later, go over the cues again with Jason.

Show is great, these kids really go nuts over here. When they pull up three kids for the jam (see earlier post), the drummer won't quit doing fills, so he's fired... The first kid they pull up on guitar can't even play a chord, so off he goes... The next guitar player can play, but I think he's older than me ;) Night finishes off well, I blow one cue in Blvd, which I thought I knew...

Back to the hotel, we unload form the van and notice something moving in the tree out front. It's full of BATS, and they're the size of a housecat too. YIKES!! Glad they're vegetarians...

Up too the room and off to bed.

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