Travel Day Auckland to Brisbane

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Sleep in till almost 8 today. Go walking around till about 10:30am. We have to check out of the hotel at 11, but our lobby call for the airport isn't till 12:45pm. Ack.

Hook up with Bobby at Starbucks (Green Tea Frap), and we start walking around. Go to check out the surplus electronics and music store and they're closed. It's Sunday. Doh! We look in the window at the music store and see at least a couple of guitars we would have bought. Damn. More walking around, getting hungry. Find a small Indian cafe and get killer Chicken Tikka Masala for $5. Long walk back to hotel and board the bus for the airport.

Arrive airport, no group check-in, but the line isn't too long. Everyone has to pay $25 NZ departure tax. It's like being at a crazy amusement park. You can come in for free and ride all the rides you want, but to leave is gonna cost you $25. Our flight is from Auckland to Sydney, then Sydney to Brisbane. Just before we leave, we hear over the loaudspeaker "Now boarding flight blah blah to Brisbane". What? There was a direct flight? This makes people unhappy :( Flight to Sydney is uneventful, clear customs in Sydney, board flight to Brisbane.

Arrive in Brisbane about 7:30pm. Check-in to hotel. Everyone is meeting to go out to dinner in 5 to 10 mins. The band and almost the entire crew walk to Pier 9 restaurant near the hotel. Get two big tables and many appetizers and wine are ordered. I get Baked Snapper in a Hot Pot. Very tasty. Band picks up the check. NICE!!

Back to the room, call my darling wife using Skype on my powerbook. Cheap!! It's almost midnight now, so off to bed...

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