Show Day, Nagoya

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Up at 5:15am. Shower and down in lobby by 6am. 15min drive to the train station. Have to wait 30min on the platform for the Bullet Train to Nagoya. It is freezing, I'm wearing 2 coats and stil cold. Board train, fall asleep immediately, wake up as we're pulling into Nagoya. Sweet.

Arrive at gig via taxi vans around 9am. They are still building the stage, ugh. Go to catering, have a bagel. Everybody is really punchy from lack of sleep, our drum tech Kenny especially. He proceeds to crack everyone up for an hour or more. He has so much energy, he builds a diorama by cutting out the birds that adorn a Kleenex box. Very creative.

Everyone converges on the production office as soon as the wi-fi is up, spend a few hours online till its time to take the deck...

Setup, soundcheck, then dinner, show. Show goes well, they change up two songs for new ones. Load-out is quick again. Off to hotel and in room by 11pm. Call is not till 9:15am tomorrow, awesome!! I can get some sleep.

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