Show / Travel Day, Adelaide to Perth

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Up at 6:30am for a 7:15 hotel departure. Board plane in Adelaide around 8:30, arrive Perth 9:20. Rest in hotel till noon.

Off to the last Australian show, the Rock-It Festival, where we are headliners. Arrive at the gig, bands have already been playing since 10am. Load-in and take over the backstage area. Set-up in about 10mins and go to catering. Oh boy, fried food!!! I choke down some chicken and chips (fries) and go back to the deck to change strings, etc. Lots of waiting around today, wait in dressing room awhile, sit in sun and read book, wait around some more, have pasta for dinner, more waiting...

Show starts around 8pm, band has to stop after the first song as kids are getting crushed at the front. The crowd is 25,000 strong. Our road manager and production manager jump down behind the barricade t o help security out. They get it sorted and the band resumes. More shoes throw at this show than the previous one, I dub the tour "Shoeless and Clueless", mostly because it rhymes ;)

Load out into 4 box trucks, pretty funny, but our stage manager has one full before we even get there. Eat a slice of pizza aftershow. Back to hotel and my bed by 11:30pm.

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