Travel Day, Melbourne to Adelaide

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Up early, venture out to check out nearby Motorcycle shops, Route 66 (Mel branch), and a few other stores. Checkout at 12:30pm, bus call is 1:30pm, get some food and a Green Tea Frap head out to the airport. Everyone on the crew wants to know what I'm drinking, as they've only seen brown drinks come from Starbucks. More converts, I guess.

Fall asleep before takeoff (again). Comiing into Adelaide, you can see it's alot more hilly here than in the East. Arrive at the hotel, and for some odd reason it reminds me of a hotel in Little Rock. Take a nap to get ready for go-karting later.

Meet in the lobby for a go-karting excursion. Ends up being over 30 of us, band and crew. Track is both indoor and outdoor. We pick teams of 3 people for an endurance race of 90 laps. We drive in 15 lap increments. Pyro Kev and I team with Eddie from security. Kev is first, then Eddie, then me batting cleanup. We get off to a good start, Kev is fast, but ends up tangled in a few wrecks, same with Eddie. I jump in to make up a few laps, but get stuck behind one driver for a few laps before I can pass. We end up in 4th, I think. Everybody is grinning ear to ear after the race, most fun anybody has had on tour. They try to talk us into playing Laser Tag, but everyone just wants to race. Next up is a 30 lap sprint, with driver changes at every 5 laps. This is a quick one and I manage to post fast lap for the race, but not for the night overall. I missed getting in any major crashes too, and I hardly used the brake...

Back to the hotel and I'm pooped. Sleep like a rock...

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