Travel Day / Day Off, Perth to Osaka (continued)

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Flight lands 7:45am in Japan. Clear customs in Osaka. Get ready for the one hour bus ride to the hotel. Fall asleep on bus, so does everyone else. Get to room about 9am. Catch a couple more hours sleep. Everyone but backline has to load-in today, we have the day off. Maybe I'll venture out later, we are in an industrial area though, right next to the venue.

Go out around 5pm. See a convenience store in front of hotel, very handy. Walk around a block and only see office buildings. Then I see a McDonalds and Subway, well at least there's food. Across the street I see the International Marketplace (?). Looks like a mall, so I bypass for now. When i get to the other side it actually looks kinda cool. i venture in, see a few clothing stores and then I see "Dog Mind". Dog Mind is a pet store, but they have a room where you can "relax with dogs", that's what it says. I look in and there are about 20 dogs of all sizes hanging out with people feeding them and playing with them. It's like a pet store / petting zoo. How cool is that. Dogs seem very happy. So do people.

Venture on some more and BOOM, Starbucks. Also a few Nooodle houses. Cool!! I wander back to the hotel and ring Bobby to let him know I found a Starbucks. He's starving so we head back to the mall and get some noodles (soba) and edamame. After dinner get a Green tea Frap. I see the secret is Green Tea Powder!! Must get some and try to replicate at home.

We decide to walk over to the gig (next door). We end up setting up our stuff and I work with the production manager on configuring the wireless network. We almost get done when they kick us out for the night. Oh well, we'll work on it tomorrow...

Back to the room for email and reading...

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