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FINALLY, a show day. Enthusiastically check out of the hotel and head over to the gig. I'm doing double duty today, since Jerry is in LA working the Grammy's with two of our band guys. I set up my guitar rig and Jerry's bass rig, with only one call to Jerry to verify something. Line check and crew jam, feels good to be back in the groove.

Take a short break before dinner, but I'm summoned to the stage as the bass player has a photo shoot today for a major magazine. Figures, no one mentioned it before. Go in and guide the photographer through the gear and laugh as TBP (The Bass Player) straps on three basses and mugs for the camera (he's a fun guy). Hang out with my guitar player and the drummer as this is going on, then its dinner time.

During the openers set, I meet up with Kenny (drum tech from previous tour) and his wife and walk them in. Hang for a bit then wait as everyone from the Grammy's (band and crew) are still on their way from LA. We hit the stage almost an hour late, but the guys play a killer set. On to the next town and hopefully another gig...

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